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Making Money with Your Wood Projects

Woodworking projects that make money

Woodworking can be one of the most rewarding hobbies to have. You get to design and construct your creations and watch them come to life from inception to conclusion. However, as your skills grow, it is worth considering if any money can be made from your talents.   

Wood projects take a lot of time and effort so you may find that the fruits of your labor are often sought after by those who may be lacking in either or. Once your craftsmanship is up to par, you may find your work to be quite profitable. Specific wood projects tend to sell better than others which is why you should choose your projects carefully to ensure higher yield.

What Sells Best?

When it comes to choosing your next wood project, if you want to make money off of it, you should consider two key factors:

  • Does it serve a function?
  • Can it be obtained elsewhere?

In terms of functionality, many household items can be made out of wood, which means that there is always going to be a demand for them. Certain decorative items also have a demand even if they aren’t functional, but decorative wooden items need to be unique to be profitable; otherwise a plastic counterpart may just be bought in a store for a lower price.

When someone pays for your wood project, what they are buying is the timeless rustic aesthetic, the one-of-a-kind nature of the piece, as well as your valuable time, so take these variables in mind when trying to sell your project.

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Types of Projects

The following are some of the best selling wood projects that you can make yourself to earn money for your hard work:

Bird Houses 

When seeking a simple project to sell, birdhouses are easy to construct and can be made from inexpensive woods such as pine which make it easier to turn a profit by selling them at a lower cost. The attraction of beautiful local birds to one’s home is a high selling point as well.

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Wine Racks

Wine lovers are very particular when it comes to providing the best for their most precious bottles, and a wooden wine rack can offer a secure spot to store not only bottles but glasses as well, while also looking fantastic in any kitchen.

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Every home has clutter, and a shelving project can be the solution. Wooden shelves are not only simple to make, but unlike their plastic or wire rack counterparts, wooden shelving is sturdy and can hold firm against significantly more weight.

Engraved Signage

Part of the beauty of woodworking is getting to create things of your own that can’t be found elsewhere. People love to have signs hung up around their home, whether it be family members’ names or fun slogans. Regardless, when trying to find these items on the market, options can be limited; however, you can provide the service of creating anything the customer wants.

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Possibly the biggest aspects when it comes to wood projects, wooden furniture is functionality and originality. Whether you make a rocking chair or a nightstand, people will gladly pay to have something you created in their home, especially when it can’t be found anywhere else.

Capitalizing on Your Skill

Woodworking is a valuable talent to have that requires time and patience. If you are experienced enough and confident in your ability, it might be worth your consideration to focus on projects which are most likely to turn a nice profit for you! 

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