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Ridgid Wood Planers Pros and Cons

Wood is a much more versatile material than you might think—you just need a good wood planer to help you make the most o your woodworking skills. A wood planer will help make boards and even their thickness with precise accuracy, something both the Ridgid 4330 and 4331 claim to do well. If you’re considering Ridgid wood planers, these 2 models are very good representations of the brand’s range. Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of these Ridgid wood planers:

Pros of Ridgid 4330

Starting with specifications, the Ridgid 4330 includes a powerful motor at 120V that runs only on AC power at 15 Amps. It can work at up to 10,000 RPM cutting 96 times per inch, with a capacity of 13 and 6 inches respectively.

Use it for a maximum depth of cut of 1/8, which means a lot of accuracy for you. You just need to be able to lift it to get it set up, since it is 73 pounds.

Easy to Use

For the most part, we found that the 4330 is easy to use, not to mention accurate. It runs parallel, remains steady, and includes knives that can be sharpened. It only takes about 12 minutes to change out the blades too, making it relatively simple to use.

Of course, it helps that the infeed and outfeed tubes are quite large, so you won’t have to struggle with clogs. All of your blades and changing tools can be stored right on-board for easy access.


You have a three blade cutter head with this Ridgid, all three of which are dual-edge and quick change, so you should be able to reverse them to extend their life over time. You can even sharpen these blades to ensure your cuts remain precise.

Precision System

You already know that your planer will make your cuts precise, but the lead-screw system built into this quality tool will help with that. This system works by providing consistent thickness across the entire workpiece without you needing a separate cutterhead locking system.

Cons of Ridgid 4330

No Wood Dust Removal

One of the most significant differences between the 4330 and the 4331 is that this version does not have any built-in dust bag or dust port . As a result, you will need to make sure that you are careful with your work and with all the dust.

Pros of Ridgid 4331

Let’s move on to the Ridgid 4331, which is made with a 13-inch thickness planer, along with its own 3 blade cutter head. Just like its counterpart, it works at 120V with a 15 Amp motor.

While it might work at 9000 RPM, it also has dual-edge blades that self-align, and that are made to get you the smoothest cut possible within 1/8 of an inch every time.

Realistically, both of these planers have very similar specifications, but they have a few key differences.

Dust Removal

This is one of the best things about the 4331: the fact that there is a chip impeller dust removal system. This system works by removing dust, pulling wood chips from where you’re working so that your work area remains clean and your cuts stay precise.

Locking System

In order to make sure that your cuts all stay precise, you can use the Sure-Cut Carriage Lock, which will ensure that the cutterhead minimizes any snipe right at the end of your wood. This means that you will get that smooth finish that you’re looking for.

Ease of Use

Ultimately, the 4331 is as easy to use as the 4330, with a wide input and output tube that will help you eliminate any snipe on the end of your wood. Since you have the dust removal and collection system, you should notice no problems using this.


Use the 8 depth points with the top handle to make even minute adjustments to your word. These adjustments can even be 1/16 of an inch, so you can get as precise as you want.

Cons of Ridgid 4331

Breaking In

It does require just a bit to break in this Ridgid, meaning that your cut indicator will take at least a few uses for you to get it to more smoothly break. This may make it more difficult to get the precision you want on your first few projects.  

Final Verdict

No matter which Ridgid planer you decide to go with, you can have peace of mind knowing that Ridgid products surpasses most tools in terms of their construction, design, durability, and how they work flawlessly to give a smooth final finishing. Your Ridgid planer will make a great tool for your woodworking project, and its smooth operation will make it one of the more valuable and useful power tools in your job site or garage.