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How to Make a Jewelry Box

how to make jewelry box

Whether you are just into woodworking projects, or you want to make a keepsake box for someone as a gift, the wooden jewelry box can be a fantastic project for any skill level. For moms, sisters, girlfriends, or friends, the simple wooden jewelry box works perfectly as a present and isn’t too complicated. There are many jewelry box plans around but here is a simple one you can dive straight into.

How to Make a Wooden Jewelry Box

A beautiful and well thought out wooden jewelry box is easier to make than you may think.

For a simple jewelry box design you will need: 

·        A Table Saw (see the best miter saw here)

·        A Bandsaw

·        A Drum Sander

·        A Web Clamp

  • 3′ x 3-1/2″ x 3/8″ of Maple
  • 28″ x 2″ x 3/16″ of Walnut
  • 20″ x 4-1/2″ x 1/4″ of Walnut
  • Wood Glue
  • Spring Clamps

You can use other types of wood for your wooden jewelry box if you prefer something different, but these are two great options. It is recommended that you use two different types of wood for the box, but not necessary. The two woods should compliment each other in color contrast. Think about how the woods will look together, as well as how it would look stained or painted. Consider what you plan on doing after the jewelry box is completed to help you decide what type of wood is going to best fit your needs.

Now that you’re ready with the materials you’ll need, you’re ready for the actual jewelry box build. Follow these specific DIY jewelry box steps to know how to make a jewelry box.

Step 1:

The final dimensions of the wood jewelry box’s exterior will be 10 inches long, by five inches wide, by three inches high. Measure out your 28- inch walnut wood plank to two pieces that are 10 inches long and five inches wide. Then cut the wood to slightly longer than that length with a Bandsaw.

Step 2:

 You should then put those pieces through a drum sander to get them to a thickness of ¼ inches.

 Step 3:

 You should then take a two then create the side pieces by cutting them into 3- and 1/8-inches thick strips. Make sure that the measurements are again 10 inches long by five inches wide box on the long side. You are going to want two pieces to be roughly five by five for the short side.

Step 4:

You will then need to cut the grooves in the sides of the wood jewelry box. This will be where the top and bottom panels sit. The grooves will need to be ¼ inches wide and 3/16 inches deep. The groves should sit 3/16 of an inch from the top and bottom of the side planks. It is recommended that you take a scrap piece of wood and make a test cut before doing it on the actual piece of wood. This will make sure everything is aligned properly.

Step 5:

Use your miter saw to cut the length of the sides down to exactly five inches by 10 inches. This will allow you a continuous flow of the grain, making it smoother and more uniformed in appearance.

Step 6:

Now comes the assembly. Lay out all the pieces on a table. Then line up the side pieces with a long piece first, then a short piece, then another long piece and finally a short piece. Tape the top and bottoms where the pieces connect to help hold them in place for the time being.

Step 7:

You should then use the tape to help you fold up the box and insert the maple top and bottom. Glue the pieces in place and place it into your clamp to allow it all to dry and properly seal.

Step 8:

Once everything is dry and sealed, you will then need to cut through the jewelry box to create the top. Cut all four side ¾ of an inch down from the top. This will then create a top and bottom to your box. If there are any burn marks on the sides from the cutting, simply put it through the drum sander.

Step 9:

You can then install the lining of the jewelry box. This is optional, but will make the jewelry box look nicer and less like just a plain box. Cut some of the remaining walnut to ¼ inches on the bandsaw and then bring it to 3/16 of an inch on the drum sander.

Step 10:

Then cut the pieces to fit the inside of the box, while leaving a bit of a lip over the top of the base of the jewelry box. This lip will help keep the lid in place and prevent it from sliding around.

Step Eleven:

Once these pieces are cut, you can place them inside and glue them in place. Use some spring clamps to hold them in place.

Step Twelve (Optional):

Once everything is dry, you can then apply a finish to the jewelry box. This is optional, but recommended.

You can also paint the simple wooden jewelry box or add other decorations as you please. It is recommended though that you stain the jewelry box to both help preserve the wood and add some richness to the natural coloring of the wood chosen. You may need more than one coat, but natural stains can work well too, especially if you’d like to save some money. For example, there are coffee stains, wine stains, and other stains from household products that look beautiful on wood or something like a simple wooden jewelry box.


If you aren’t sure what to go for your next woodworking project, or need a quick gift for someone, a simple wooden jewelry box is a fantastic option. In a little over a dozen steps, you can have a special wooden jewelry box made by you that you can be proud of and others can enjoy. This is also a fantastic first project to work on with children to introduce them to woodworking. Letting them help you make a simple wooden jewelry box for their mother or grandmother can create memories and a keepsake treasured for years to come.