How to Build a Simple Table

How to Build a Simple Table

Building a simple table requires a good bit of handiwork and time if you are a beginner at DIY projects. However, once you learn how to build a simple table, you will be able to customize any kind of table you want.

If you would like to learn how to build a table but are not exactly sure where to start, read our guide to get some ideas.

How to Build a Simple Table


To start off with your own DIY table building process, you will have to research different types of table designs. For example, if you were trying to build a farmhouse table or a simple dining room table, you would start by looking for those particular designs. Sketch out your own table design and make an estimate of how much wood you will need for your project.

Select and Purchase Wood

Next, purchase a durable and affordable type of wood. Most home improvement stores will cut the wood how you need it for you. Keep a list of the wood sizes you will need, such as a dining table cut list, so they can cut the proper proportions.

Lay Wood on a Flat Surface and Start Working

Once you have your materials ready, it is time to start building your table. The tools you will need include drills, drill bits, clamps, deck screws, Kreg drigs, jigsaws, and mitre saws. Lay your tabletop planks of wood evenly next to each other on a flat surface so they will remain even while working. 
Use a long drill bit and drill some pocket holes from the outer board all the way to the inner board to prevent the wood from breaking while adding screws. Attach the wood together with 2 ½ screws and a power drill to keep them secure in the pocket holes.

Trace where you will place the aprons on the underside of the table at a 1-inch margin, where you will firmly attach the legs of the table. Place and secure the aprons on the areas you traced with glue and clamps. Spread an even coat of glue over each area underneath the aprons and keep them secured with clamps.

Form and Attach the Legs

Trim the legs down to size accordingly and attach the legs to the aprons with wood glue. Make sure the legs are not uneven or wobbly. Clamp the legs in place once you have them in their proper positions.

Drill ¼ inch pilot holes into each apron and leg and screw them together with ¼ inch lag screws to keep them attached. Leave them overnight and test the sturdiness of your table afterward by turning it upright.

Sand and Wash

The final step is to use an 80 grit sandpaper to sand down the table, and a 220 grit to smooth it out. Wash your table with a cloth and lukewarm water to remove dust and debris. Apply two coats of wood staining to your table for a beautiful finish.


Whether you are looking to build a simple side table or a more difficult kitchen island table, use this guide to help you. Choose a type of wood you can work well with and start constructing your table. You will most definitely enjoy having a beautiful new table in your home built by your very own hands.

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