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Dewalt Wood Planer DW734 vs. DW735

dw734 and dw735

When it comes to wood and construction, Dewalt is a good company. It only makes sense then that you might end up choosing between two Dewalt planers when you’re looking for a wood planer: the DW734 and DW735. The two models are top rated, have precision, and work accurately, so which Dewalt wood planer should you choose?

Dewalt DW734 vs DW735

You’ve got two tabletop planers from Dewalt, but there are some key differences between these two options.

At a Glance

The DW735 Dewalt planer has a two-speed setting, meaning that it’s able to produce a more detailed finish with the faster speed. This will provide you with improved precision, which comes with a much higher cost.

By comparison, the DW734 thickness planer has the same quality as the newer version, but it does not have the additional speed and settings. This means that it can’t quite match the precision of the DW735, although it is user-friendly and easy to learn. If you’re looking to get started with your work right away, this might be the better option for you.

Dewalt735 Thickness Planer

Ultimately, the DW735 is made to be a step up from the DW734, although the biggest difference is in the two speeds included in this version.

You have more precision than you would otherwise, even if you may find yourself somewhat limited on account of the extra weight.

With this greater precision does come a higher price point as well, so while you can cut more types of wood with this planer, you should keep in mind that it will cost you more.


  • Width capacity: 13 inches
  • 15 AMP motor with 20,000 revolutions per minute
  • The cutterhead spins at 10,000 revolutions per minute
  • Depth capacity: 6 inches
  • 2-speed gear box
  • 92 pounds

Dewalt734 Thickness Planer

The best thing about this wood planer is the fact that it’s so easy to learn and use for any skill level, yet it provides you with professional features that you would see on any high-end thickness planer. Use this wood planer to customize your project to your specifications, and you’ll have no problems doing so with the powerful motor, not to mention the lighter weight of this wood planer.

Compared to other options, the lighter weight of this thickness planer makes it easier for you to transport along your projects and guide it around to get your work done.


  • Width capacity: 12 and ½ inches
  • 15 AMP motor with 20,000 revolutions per minute
  • The cutter head spins at 10,000 revolutions per minute
  • Includes one speed for the cutter head
  • 80 pounds

Differences Between Both Dewalt Planers


This is the most distinguishing feature of the DW735: you can use it at two different speeds. You can adjust the cutter head speed to go from 96 cuts per inch to 179 cuts per inch, changing your capabilities.

That slower speed then will let you remove a lot of wood at once, while that faster speed lets you apply a fine finish to the wood. And since the 735 has a dust ejection and dust port, that means that all dust will be contained while you’re working.

You only have one speed with the DW734, so you can only run the cutter head at 96 cuts per inch. You’ll be able to handle large quantities of wood with this, and you’ll still have a step up compared to some other options.

Even with this one speed, though, you do still have a dust collection system that will collect dust as you work, so you don’t need to worry about the mess.

The Cutter Head

With the DW735, you have two speeds for the cutter head and three knives. Because of this, you’ll end up with a really smooth finish on the wood, which means less time spent later sanding it after you’re done with planning.

You also have a three knife cutter head with the DW734, so you’re not compromising on the cutting ability with this thickness planer. In addition, the planer comes with reversible knives, so you can reverse the edges when you start to notice them beginning to get dull.


You can make some adjustments to the DW735 to make it easier to use and work with. Try adjusting the speed for a smoother finish, and use the four-column carriage lock to keep your wood in place while you work. This allows you to make the precision cuts you’re looking for while providing you with greater speed.

You can make adjustments easily with the DW734 wood planer, which is why this is considered a user-friendly option.

That’s thanks to the depth adjustment knob and the thickness scales that are easy to read. You even have a four-column carriage lock that will make sure the cutter head remains in place while planning. You won’t be dealing with any movement while you’re working then.


Ultimately, the biggest differences between these two wood planers is in the speeds of the DW735, the lighter weight and price of the DW734, and the motorized fan of the DW735. This fan will help keep your wood chips separate while you work.

Of course, with the higher speed, the DW735 does have more control and a greater ability for you to smooth out your finish. Both wood planers are durable options and collect dust well, but the performance makes the difference, along with the difference in precision between the two.