About Us

Our goal at Lumber Work is simple. Our team strives to publish the best quality, most informative and easy to read buyers guides for woodworking tools and equipment. We want to walk our readers through the buying process so they ultimately choose the best tools for their project. 

Running Lumber Work is NOT Free. To keep a website like lumberwork.com up and running it takes resources. When you take into account the money spent on content, images, server space, and  getting our hands on products to test, the investment into a website like this is enormous, not even including the time spent.

Lumber Work is My Business and I Love it. Everyone involved in this project is passionate about woodworking. We are a bunch of creative minds who love working with our hands to create things that money can't always buy. That being said, we still approach this website as a business. In order to cover the cost of expenses associated with the site, Lumber Work uses referral and affiliate links. This means that whenever you read one of our reviews and click through to a 3rd part vendor to purchase something, we get a cut. You will not pay anything extra by using these special links. The links merely provide us with an avenue to generate income from our website.

We make an effort to make all of our reviews as unbiased as possible. A handful of our reviews are based off of real world testing, while others are based off of extensive product research. Nobody can pay to be featured on our website, and we will never endorse a product we do not fully believe in. 

At our core, we are supported by our readers, so we will always put you first.