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Lumber Work is your one stop shop for everything to do with woodworking. Whether its about fixing, tinkering, or creating, working with wood requires a combination of love and skill to master. Our team of woodworking enthusiasts have come together to make it easier for people like you to pick the best tools for the job. Our #1 goal is to educate our readers about the best products available on the market for the job they need done. 

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Our approach to finding the best woodworking tools is simple:

  • We keep an eye on new products and products making a stir
  • We test the products
  • We give our feedback on our experience with each tool

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Woodworking tools are not a small investment. Finding the tools that are built with quality in mind that will stand the test of time is complicated. With so many products on the market it is easy to spend your money on the wrong tools. That's where we come in. We have spent time acquiring the knowledge we use to compile our product reviews with the aim of educating our readers. Before you purchase any tools for your shop, give our reviews a look to make sure you're getting your moneys worth. 

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